Portrait of Fan Yang

Fan Yang

Principal Researcher/Research Manager


I am a researcher and research manager of the System Research team in System and Networking Research Group at Microsoft Research Asia. I joined MSR-Asia after receiving the Doctoral Degree in the department of computer science at Nanjing University.

My research passion is on computer system. Recently I have been exploring the fundamental principles behind the systems that support emerging applications, e.g., machine learning based intelligent tasks. I am an architect of the machine learning systems OpenPAI, NNFusion, and NNI, which have been used by Microsoft products like Bing and Azure. As open-source projects, these systems also have a growing number of external users across the world.

In the past, I worked on graph systems. The graph systems I co-developed like GraM set a new speed record for trillion-scale graph analytics and have been used by Bing to improve Ads coverage and web mining. I also contributed to SCOPE, Microsoft’s big data engine. I helped re-architect and optimize the SCOPE-based analytic pipeline of Bing Ads team, improving its processing capacity by more than 50%, which generated tens of millions of dollar of additional revenue.


To prospective interns

If you consider yourself a good system guy and look for an internship at MSR-Asia, please drop me an email.

If you are interested in systems research and don’t know where to begin with, you could start by reading the papers mentioned here.

If you are looking for advice on your research, Richard Hamming’s talk on “You and Your Research” is a must-read.


e-mail: fanyang AT microsoft DOT com

phone: +86-10-59174296

Personal homepage: https://fanyangcs.github.io