Portrait of Federico Garcea

Federico Garcea

Principal Development Manager


I joined Microsoft in 1999 as a Software Developer in the IIS team. My initial focus has been on enterprise software for large scale web development and server management.

I later moved to the Microsoft campus in Silicon Valley and contributed to several releases of platforms for delivery of digital TV services. My current focus is on Statistical Machine Translation and on a quest to provide integration of automated language processing features to a variety of services, from office automation to online search.


Microsoft Translator Hub

Established: February 14, 2012

Microsoft Translator Hub empowers businesses and communities to build, train, and deploy customized automatic language translation systems—bringing better and specialized translation quality to established languages, and first-time automatic translation capabilities to the many languages that are…

Machine Translation

Established: January 18, 2002

The principal focus of the Natural Language Processing group is to build a machine translation system that automatically learns translation mappings from bilingual corpora. <h1>Overview</h1> Machine Translation (MT) project at Microsoft Research is focused on creating MT systems and technologies…


The live site for Machine Translation is available at www.MicrosoftTranslator.com