Portrait of Filip Radlinski

Filip Radlinski

Senior Applied Researcher


I am an applied researcher at Microsoft, and work for Bing. I am at Microsoft Research Cambridge, in the Machine Intelligence and Perception group. I’m also an honorary lecturer in Computer Science at UCL.

My current research focuses on developing machine learning and online evaluation techniques for learning from, evaluating with, and optimizing to implicitly collected feedback from web users, as well as conversational approaches to search.

Before joining Microsoft in 2008, I completed my PhD in Computer Science at Cornell University. I also have a personal homepage.



Search and information retrieval

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Human-centered computing



Tutorials & Talks

Choices and Constraints: Research Goals and Approaches in Information Retrieval

  • SIGIR 2014, Diane Kelly, Filip Radlinski and Jaime Teevan [slides]

Practical Online Retrieval Evaluation

  • ECIR 2013, Katja Hofmann and Filip Radlinski [slides] [code]
  • SIGIR 2011, Filip Radlinski and Yisong Yue [slides] [code]

Selected Invited Talks