Portrait of Frank Seide

Frank Seide

Principal Researcher


Frank Seide is a Senior Researcher and Research Manager at Microsoft Research Asia, Beijing, responsible for Research efforts on transcription of phone calls and voicemail and content-based indexing of video and audio.




Frank was born in Hamburg, Germany. In 1993, he received a Master degree in electrical engineering from University of Technology of Hamburg-Harburg. His research interests are in the area of automatic speech recognition and audio analysis, with current focus on modeling and algorithms for large-vocabulary conversational speech recognition, spoken-dialogue systems, and audio search.

From 1993-97, Frank worked at the speech research group of Philips Research in Aachen, Germany, on spoken-dialogue systems. He then transferred to Taiwan as one of the founding members of Philips Research East-Asia, Taipei, to lead a research project on Mandarin speech recognition.

In June 2001, he joined the speech group at Microsoft Research Asia, initially as a Researcher, since 2003 as Project Leader for offline speech applications, and since October 2006 as Research Manager. Since September 2010, he holds the title of Senior Researcher.

Research Interests

  • Current area of interest: Speech as Content
  • Stuff I worked on in the past
    • Using¬†GPGPU for speech recognition
    • Music processing: Query by Humming, Music Steering (demo video)
    • Computer Auditory Scene Analysis (CASA)
    • Dialogue Systems