Portrait of Masaaki FUKUMOTO


Lead Researcher



福本 雅朗 / ふくもと まさあき / FUKUMOTO, Masaaki / Ph.D.

Inventing Researcher of HCI Devices & Hardware.

1990 – 1998: NTT Human Interface Laboratories.
1998 – 2013: NTT DoCoMo Research Laboratories.
2013/04 – : Microsoft Research

Past Inventions:
– “FingeRing”: Ring shaped wearable keyboard (1993-1998)
– “UbiButton”: Wristwatch shaped wearable commander (1999-2004)
– “Finger Whisper / Yubi-Wa”: Wristwatch and ring shaped wearable HANDset (1999-2006)
– “ActiveClick”: Tactile feedback for touch panels and handheld devices (2001)
– “CarpetLAN”: Body-electric based indoor wireless(-like) network and positioning system
(with M.Shinagawa, et.al.) (2003-2006)
– Headphone/Earphone shaped EOG detector (with H.Manabe) (2006-2010)
– “PuyoSheet”: Layered gel-sheet for adding “Button-push” feeling to touch panels (2009-2013)
– Aerial Haptic 3D Display (with M.Tsuboi, et.al.) (2010-2011)
– Hands-free VideoPhone (with S.Kimura, et.al.) (2012-2013)



HCI Device Center @MSRA

Established: September 1, 2016

If you have any HI/HCI device-related issues, contact us, we try to solve them by inventions! Services: Solving practical issues Quick usability check of prototype (with solution for improvement) Design support for new devices (the earlier stage, the better) Proposing novel devices Design Policy: Usability first Simple & Low-cost Examples: (go to internal page)   Contact: FUKUMOTO, Masaaki (fukumoto@microsoft.com)

Assistant Robot for Retail Settings

Established: July 25, 2016

A prototype humanoid Store Assistant robot that can work alongside retail workers to welcome and engage customers in a retail setting. The Assistant can greet customers at the door, answer questions about products, direct them to the location of specific products or to other employees, or just chat. This project incorporates face tracking, speech recognition, a chat engine, text to speech, emotional classification of response text, mapping to a motion library, and synchronizing motion and speech cadence. The Assistant…






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  • D1後期~D2、最低6ヶ月(延長あり)
  • 場所は中国北京の Microsoft Research Asia
  • HI Device  関連のプロジェクトを1つ完成させ、UIST や CHI  向けのフルペーパを書いて貰います。
  • ハードウェア製作(メカ&電子回路&材料科学)・ソフトウェア製作(組み込み&アプリ)・ユーザ評価実験の実施と統計データ処理・効果的なプレゼンやビデオ制作など、インタフェースデバイス制作に必要なスキル一式が必要です。


インターン御希望の方は、fukumoto@microsoft.com 宛に、以下をお送りください。

  • CV
  • 論文リスト(&代表論文のpdf)
  • 「造ったモノ」リスト:研究プロジェクトだけで無く、プライベートで造ったモノや、身の回りの何かを「改良」して使い易くした例でも構いません。写真やビデオで説明して頂くのが望ましいです。



  • Microsoft Research Asia が例年春に行っている “Fellowship” に選ばれた方を優先的に採用しています。他にも Fellowship の特典は多い( 研究費も貰えます:-)ので、ぜひ御応募ください(以下参照)。