Portrait of Furu Wei

Furu Wei

Lead Researcher


Dr. Furu Wei is a lead researcher in Natural Language Computing group at Microsoft Research Asia, Beijing, China. Before joining MSRA-NLC in Nov. 2010, he has been a staff researcher at IBM Research – China (IBM CRL) since Jul. 2009. Furu received his Ph.D in Jun. 2009 from Department of Computer Science of Wuhan University. Before that, he received a B.Sc degree from the same department in 2004.

Furu’s research interests include natural language processing, information retrieval and machine learning. He is now working on fundamental NLP problems, models, algorithms and innovations. Particularly,

Machine Reading Comprehension

Conversation Computing: research & development of key technologies for AI chatbot & agents
Sentiment Computing: Computational Study of Sentiments, Opinions, and Emotions (aka. Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining)
Question Answering (Web/KB/Social QnA, Text QnA)
Deep Learning for NLP (esp. Sentiment Analysis, Question Answering, Summarization, and Conversation)
Text Mining for Social Networks

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