Portrait of Galen Hunt

Galen Hunt

Distinguished Engineer & Managing Director, Azure Sphere


  • Don Porter (2009) created a user-mode version of the Win32k subsystem to allow complete Windows application isolation for sandboxing, legacy compatibility, and process migration.
  • Aaron Shulman (2008), prototype kiosk scenarios.
  • Ryan Braud (2007) prototyped kiosk authentication using a TPM.
  • César Spessot (2006) ported a subset of SQL to Singularity.
  • Mike Spear (2005) created an entirely declarative I/O device driver configuration system for Singularity.
  • Prince Mahajan (2004) wrote a number of device drivers and a transacted file system for Singularity.
  • Tom Roeder (2004) worked on Singularity’s application abstraction and installer.
  • David Oppenheimer (1999) built a distributed hash table on an unnamed research OS.
  • Rob Stets (1998) created a distributed DCOM-based implementation of the Win32 API called COP (the Component-based OS Proxy).