Portrait of Gavin Jancke

Gavin Jancke

General Manager - Engineering, Research Manager


As General Manager Engineering and a Research Manager for Microsoft Research, Gavin Jancke built over the last 15 years and currently runs the Central Engineering Group within the organization.

The 30+ person multi-disciplinary Advanced Development team develops software & hardware technologies and components based on Microsoft Research innovations, from technical transfer to the main Microsoft product groups, large scale prototyping and deployment, to internal lab engineering needs. Since the team was created over 450 engineering projects have been fulfilled. Technology transfers that have been integrated into product span from Windows, Office, XBox, Azure, Bing Platform. His team also provided engineering infrastructure for Skype Translator.

He also managed and led the engineering effort for the Kinect for Windows SDK Beta and accepted the Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award in 2011.

He is still an active engineer, recently releasing Microsoft Plumbago a new pen based application reimagining digital note-taking featuring handwriting beautification technology.…