Portrait of Ahmed Awadallah

Ahmed Awadallah

Senior Principal Research Manager


I lead multidisciplinary initiatives, with teams of researchers and engineers at the cutting edge of artificial intelligence. Our mission is to develop AI models and platforms that redefine the boundaries of AI in terms of capability, efficiency, control, and safety.

My current focus lies in the training, fine-tuning, and specialization of large language models, as well as streamlining the orchestration, automation, and optimization of multi-agent AI systems. Our objective is to meld groundbreaking research with practical application, ensuring our innovations address real-world challenges related to control, safety, and the balance between efficiency and capability.

In my earlier work, I explored model compression, few-shot learning, summarization, semantic parsing, and web search. I have co-authored over 100 peer-reviewed publications spanning Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Information Retrieval, and I am a co-inventor on more than 50 patents. I frequently serve as a (senior) committee member, (senior) area chair, guest editor, and editorial board member at premier ML, NLP, and IR venues. My contributions to NLP and IR were recognized with the 2020 Karen Spärck Jones Award (opens in new tab).