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Hsiao-Wuen Hon

Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Asia-Pacific R&D Group, Microsoft Research Asia


Dr. Hsiao-Wuen Hon is corporate vice president of Microsoft, chairman of Microsoft’s Asia-Pacific R&D Group, and managing director of Microsoft Research Asia. He drives Microsoft’s strategy for research and development activities in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as collaborations with academia.

Dr. Hon has been with Microsoft since 1995. He joined Microsoft Research Asia in 2004 as deputy managing director, stepping into the role of managing director in 2007. He founded and managed Microsoft Search Technology Center from 2005 to 2007 and led development of Microsoft’s search products (Bing) in Asia-Pacific. In 2014, Dr. Hon was appointed as chairman of Microsoft Asia-Pacific R&D Group.

Prior to joining Microsoft Research Asia, Dr. Hon was the founding member and architect of the Natural Interactive Services Division at Microsoft Corporation. Besides overseeing architectural and technical aspects of the award-winning Microsoft Speech Server product, Natural User Interface Platform and Microsoft Assistance Platform, he was also responsible for managing and delivering statistical learning technologies and advanced search. Dr. Hon joined Microsoft Research as a senior researcher in 1995 and has been a key contributor to Microsoft's SAPI and speech engine technologies. He previously worked at Apple, where he led research and development for Apple's Chinese Dictation Kit.

An IEEE Fellow and a distinguished scientist of Microsoft, Dr. Hon is an internationally recognized expert in speech technology. Dr. Hon has published more than 100 technical papers in international journals and at conferences. He co-authored a book, Spoken Language Processing, which is a graduate-level textbook and reference book in the area of speech technology used in universities around the world. Dr. Hon holds three dozen patents in several technical areas.

Dr. Hon received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from National Taiwan University.


Whisper: Windows Highly Intelligent Speech Recognizer

Established: December 16, 2008

Our first ASR system We are trying to perfect the ability of computers to recognize human speech by building speech and language models that are accurate, efficient, and easy to use. Our goal is to make human-computer interaction more natural. Our speech recognition engine, code-named Whisper (Windows Highly Intelligent SPEech Recognizer), offers state-of-the-art speaker-independent continuous speech recognition. The Whisper speech engine has been shipped by our Speech Products Group as part of the SAPI SDK, which…


Established: February 19, 2002

Your Pad or MiPad It only took one scientist mumbling at a monitor to give birth to the idea that a computer should be able to listen, understand, and even talk back. But years of effort haven't gotten us closer to the Jetson dream: a computer that listens better than your spouse, better than your boss, and even better than your dog Spot. Using state-of-the-art speech recognition, and strengthening this new science with pen input,…

Whistler Text-to-Speech Engine

Established: November 5, 2001

The talking computer HAL in the 1968 film "2001-A Space Odyssey" had an almost human voice, but it was the voice of an actor, not a computer. Getting a real computer to talk like HAL has proven one of the toughest problems posed by "2001." Microsoft's contribution to this field is "Whistler" (Windows Highly Intelligent STochastic taLkER), a trainable text-to-speech engine which was released in 1998 as part of the SAPI4.0 SDK, and then as…












MIPAD: A Multimodal Interactive Prototype
Xuedong Huang, Alex Acero, C. Chelba, Li Deng, Jasha Droppo, D. Duchene, J. Goodman, Hsiao-Wuen Hon, D. Jacoby, L. Jiang, Ricky Loynd, Milind Mahajan, P. Mau, S. Meredith, S. Mughal, S. Neto, M. Plumpe, K. Steury, Gina Venolia, Kuansan Wang, Ye-Yi Wang, in International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., January 1, 2001, View abstract, Download PDF


MiPad: A Next Generation PDA Prototype
Xuedong Huang, Alex Acero, C. Chelba, Li Deng, Doug Duchene, J. Goodman, Hsiao-Wuen Hon, D. Jacoby, Li Jiang, Ricky Loynd, Milind Mahajan, P. Mau, S. Meredith, Salman Mughal, S. Neto, M. Plumpe, Kuansan Wang, Ye-Yi Wang, in International Conference on Spoken Language Processing, International Speech Communication Association, January 1, 2000, View abstract, Download PDF






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Asia Faculty Summit 2012 Highlights


October 26, 2012


Eric Horvitz, Hong Tan, Hsiao-Wuen Hon, Jeannette Wing, Lolan Song, and Rick Rashid


Microsoft Research Asia, Microsoft Research Redmond

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FestSchrift Session 4: More Microsoft Research


March 9, 2012


Hsiao-Wuen Hon, P. Anandan, Jennifer Chayes, Christian Borgs, and Gordon Bell


MSR India, MSR New England, Deputy Managing Director


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