Portrait of Ivan Tashev

Ivan Tashev

Partner Software Architect



Several short specializations in the area of eLearning in France (ENIC, ENSEA) and Italy (Bologna University) (1995-1996).
Ph.D. in Computer Science, 1990, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria.
Master’s Degree in Electronics, 1984, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria.


Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, USA: various positions in COM+ and Application Center teams, 1998-2001. Joined Microsoft Research in 2001.
Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria: Assistant Professor, 1989-1998, Faculty of Electronic Engineering and Technology (lectures and labs for “Data and Signal Processing” and “Real time systems programming”).
Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria: Researcher, 1986-1989, Research and Development Department
Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria: R&D engineer, 1984-1986, Research and Development Department

Research interests:

Multichannel audio signals processing
Algorithms for arrays of transducers (microphones, speakers, antennas)
Processing of signals for enhancement, de-noising, de-reverberation, etc.
Statistical processing of audio, biological, radio signals

Professional Activities

Affiliated Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering in University of Washington, Seattle, since 2012.
Member of IEEE Signal Processing Society Standing Committee on Industrial Digital Signal Processing (IDSP) since 2012.
Member of IEEE Signal Processing Society Technical Committee on Audio and Acoustic Signal Processing (AASP) 2009-2013, affiliated member after that.
Reviewer for most of the signal and audio processing journals.
Member of the TC of International Workshop on Acoustics, Echo and Noise Control (IWAENC) since 2006. One of the organizers of IWAENC 2008 in Seattle.
Member of the TC of Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics (WASPAA) since 2006.
Senior Member of IEEE since 2006.
Member of AES, served as member of the AES Pacific Northwest Committee 2006-2016.
Co-founder in 1986 and organizational secretary for 12 years of the International Conference Systems for Automation of Engineering and Research (SAER), now serving as member of the International Organizing Committee. The conference name has recently been updated to International Conference on Information Technologies INFOTECH.




Spatial Audio

Established: December 1, 2015

Spatial Audio is a project about creating a 3D audio experience using headphones. Spatial audio is also known as 3D stereo sound, or simply 3D audio. The applications are augmented and virtual reality, but this technology also affects a trivial activities such as listening to music or watching a movie on the screen of your tablet.

Noise Robust Speech Recognition

Established: February 19, 2002

Techniques to improve the robustness of automatic speech recognition systems to noise and channel mismatches Robustness of ASR Technology to Background Noise You have probably seen that most people using a speech dictation software are wearing a close-talking microphone. So, why has senior researcher Li Deng been trying to get rid of close-talking microphones? Close-talking microphones pick up relatively little background noise and speech recognition systems can obtain decent accuracy with them. If you are…

Face Modeling

Established: May 5, 2001

Overview 3d Modeling. Generating realistic 3D human face models and facial animations has been a persistent challenge in computer vision and graphics. We have developed a system that constructs textured 3D face models from videos with minimal user interaction. Our system takes a video sequence of a face with an ordinary video camera. After five manual clicks on two images to tell the system where the eye corners, nose tip and mouth corners are, the…





































Microsoft Products I helped

Selected presentations and talks

  • Tutorial “Optimization methods and their applications in DSP”, IEEE International Conference on Emerging SIgnal Processing Applications, Las Vegas, January 2012.
  • Keynote “Recent Advances in Human-Machine Interfaces for Gaming and Entertainment” during the opening session of the 25th International Conference Infotech 2011, St. Constantine and Elena resort, Varna, Bulgaria, September 2011.
  • Keynote “Novel Electronic Sensors and their Applications in the Human-Machine Interfaces for Gaming and Entertainment” during the opening session of the 20th International Scientific Conference “Electronics ET 2011”, Sozopol, Bulgaria, September 2011.
  • Keynote “Hands-free Sound Capture and Microphone Array in Kinect” during HSMA 2011 conference, Edinburgh, UK, May 2011.
  • Lecture “Audio for Kinect: almost impossible” in the Open University Skolkovo, Moscow, Russia, June 2011 (announcement here).
  • MIX 2011 conference, March 2011, Las Vegas, NV, USA:
    • Talk “Audio for Kinect: From Idea to ‘Xbox, play!'” [video].
    • MSR NUI Panel with Curtis Wong and Ivan Tashev [video].
  • “Kinect Audio: Preparedness Pays Off”, interview by Rob Knies, April 2011.
  • “3D Stereo Media” conference, December 2010, Liege, Belgium:
    • Talk “Applications of 3D range cameras in multimodal user interfaces for gaming and entertainment”
    • Talk “Sound capture for high-end entertainment and gaming equipment and its applications”
  • “Sound Capture Applications in Entertainment and Gaming”, meeting of the Pacific Northwest Section of AES, December 2010 [video].
  • “Audio for entertainment and gaming”, tutorial during 3DTV CON 2010, June 2010, Tampere, Finland.
  • “Sound capture and its applications in entertainment, gaming, and telepresence”, short course during the summer school for grad students in Technical University of Tampere, June 2010, Tampere, Finland.
  • “Sound Capture for Multimedia Systems”, tutorial during ICME 2009, June 2009, New York, NY, USA.
  • “Commute UX: Telephone Dialog System for Location-based Services”. Presentation during SIGdial Workshop on Disclosure and Dialogue 2007, Antwerp, Belgium, September 2007. [PDF]
  • “Defeating Ambient Noise: Practical Approaches for Noise Reduction and Suppression”. Tutorial during IEEE International Conference of Acoustic, Speech and Signal Processing ICASSP 2006, Toulouse, France, May 2006. [Slides, References]
  • “Microphone Array for Headset with Spatial Noise Suppressor”. Presentation during Ninth International Workshop on Acoustic, Echo and Noise Control IWAENC 2005, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, September 2005. [PDF]
  • “Microphone Array Support in Windows Longhorn”. Presentation during Windows Hardware Experience Conference WinHEC 2005, Seattle, USA, May 2005. The same talk given during WinHEC 2005, Taipei, Taiwan, June 2005. [PDF]
  • “Microphone Array Project in Microsoft Research: Approach and Results”. Presentation in National Taiwan University and Academia Sinica, July 2004, Taipei, Taiwan. [PDF]
  • “Improving Meetings with Microphone Array Algorithms”. Presentation during Machine Learning Meets the User Interface Workshop, Neural Information Processing Systems NIPS 2003, Whistler, Canada, December 2003. [PDF]
  • “Application Center 2000 Interoperability and Reliability”. Presentation during Application Center 2000 Airlift, Redmond, USA, May 2001. [PDF]