Portrait of Jay Beavers

Jay Beavers

Principal Development Lead


I’m a developer at Microsoft Research Connections who has been with Microsoft for a bit over fifteen years.  After developing Conference XP for Microsoft Research back in 2000-2004, I journeyed through the Windows, Education, and Office product groups transferring spin-offs of the technology into each product.  I spent a few years in Startup Business Group working on Multipoint Server and Robotics and then came home to MSR to work on the next great research project.


Hands-Free Keyboard

Established: March 24, 2015

The Hands-Free keyboard is a project to enable people who are unable to speak or use a physical keyboard to communicate using only their eyes. Our initial prototypes are based around an on screen qwerty keyboard very similar to the 'taptip' keyboard built into Windows 8 which has been extended to response to eye gaze input from a sensor bar like the Tobii EyeX. Our goal is to improve communication speed by 25% compared to experienced…

Eye Controlled Wheelchair

Established: December 15, 2014

We envision using Eye Gaze technology to bring independent mobility to people living with disabilities who are unable to use a joystick. This project was initiated during the Summer 2014 Hackathon.  During the Hackathon, Steve Gleason came to campus and challenged us with his vision of 'until there is a cure for ALS, technology can be the cure'.  He asked us to think on how we could improve three aspects of his life: be independently…