Portrait of Liang Jeff Chen

Liang Jeff Chen



My name is Liang Chen. I am commonly referred to as Jeff in my professional career. I am a member of Cloud & Mobile Research Group. I am generally interested in data management. I’ve also worked on text search and ranking before. Most recently, I become a system researcher and build NoSQL systems that use SQL databases as core engines. The long term goal is to bridge the fundamental gap between NoSQL challenges and fast-evolving SQL technologies, so that the efforts we invest today are as long lived as SQL for many years to come.

I obtained BS and MS from Tsinghua University, and PhD from UC San Diego.



Established: November 18, 2016

In last few years, we’ve seen a surge of NoSQL databases, systems that are built from scratch to tackle new data formats and application requirements commonly believed unfit to SQL databases. Building from scratch provides good opportunities to abandon historical…

JSON Server – Transforming SQL Server and MariaDB to a JSON Database

Established: November 16, 2016

JSON Server is a library that connects to a SQL database instance, stores JSON documents in tables and queries JSON documents through a JSON query language. It currently supports SQL Server (version 2012 and onward) and MariaDB (10.0 and onward) as the underlying…