Portrait of Jingdong Wang

Jingdong Wang

Senior Principal Research Manager


I am a Senior Principal Research Manager with the Visual Computing Group, Microsoft Research Asia. My research areas are computer vision, deep learning and multimedia. My representative works include deep high-resolution representation learning (HRNets), interleaved group convolutions (IGC), supervised saliency detection (discriminative regional feature integration, DRFI), neighborhood graph search (NGS) for large scale similarity search, composite quantization for compact coding, and so on. I have shipped a dozen of technologies to Microsoft products, including Bing search, Bing Ads, Cognitive service, and XiaoIce Chatbot. My NGS algorithm is a fundamental element of many products. I have developed Bing image search color filter using my efficient salient object algorithm. I have developed the first commercial color-sketch image search system.

I have served/will serve as an Associate Editor of IEEE TPAMI, IEEE TCSVT, and IEEE TMM, and an area chair/SPC of CVPR 2020, ICCV 2019, IJCAI 2019, AAAI 2018, ICCV 2017, CVPR 2017, ECCV 2016 and ACM Multimedia 2015. I am an ACM Distinguished Member and a Fellow of the IAPR.

My publication list can be found from Google Scholar or DBLP. My homepage is here.