Portrait of Jinglei Ren

Jinglei Ren

Associate Researcher


I joined MSR Asia in 2016, after having received my PhD from Tsinghua University. I also worked some time at CMU and Stanford during my PhD career, and enjoyed my “abnormal” undergraduate years at Northeast Normal University.

In a broad sense, my interests are aligned with the OS and architecture communities. Currently, my work focuses on new architectural techniques such as NVRAM and their impact on software systems.

Please visit my personal homepage for more information.

Internship opportunity! If you are a top coder and believe in the value of research, I am happy to talk to you. Please feel free to drop me an email.



I am proud to work with the following students:

  • Mengxing Liu, PhD@Tsinghua, Autumn 2016
  • Chang Hyun Park, PhD@KAIST, Summer 2016
  • Qingda Hu, PhD@Tsinghua, Spring 2016