Portrait of John Guiver

John Guiver

Principal Research Software Development Engineer


I work as a Research Software Development Engineer in the machine learning group at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK. My work centres on projects and development involving Infer.NET which is a framework for authoring doing inference in graphical models. One of my recent activities has been a collaboration with the Microsoft Exchange team to help develop the personalised Clutter feature for Office 365.

Before working at Microsoft Research, I spent several years developing Advanced Control software at Aspen Technology. One of the highlights was the development of a fully non-linear Model Predictive Controller which has been widely adopted in the polymer manufacturing industry. This was made possible by developing a new form of non-linear regression model (a Bounded Derivative Network) which has more natural interpolation and extrapolation properties than a traditional Multi-layer Perceptron model, and which provides guaranteed global behaviours such as monotonic responses in specified input variables.

This controller was derived from an earlier controller developed at NeuralWare (one of the early commercial neural net companies, founded by Casey and Jane Klimasauskas in 1987), where I was a principal research engineer and software developer.