Portrait of Jonathan Goldstein

Jonathan Goldstein

Senior Principal Researcher


Currently my focus is on Ambrosia, a reliable distributed systems project which introduces fundamental new systems and language abstractions for writing and deploying automatically recoverable, time-travel debuggable, migratable, and highly available applications which can run both in the cloud and at the edge. Over the last 20 years, I have worked at Microsoft in a combination of research and product roles. In particular, I’ve spent about 20 years as a researcher at MSR, doing fundamental research in streaming, big data processing, databases, and distributed computing. Within the academic community, I have published many papers, some with best paper awards (e.g. Best Paper Award at ICDE 2012), and two with test of time awards (e.g. SIGMOD 2011 Test of Time award and ICDT 2018 Test of Time award), and have also taken many organizational roles in database conferences. My research has also had significant impact on many Microsoft products, including SQL Server, Office, Windows, Bing, and Halo, as well as leading to the creation of entirely new products/projects like Microsoft StreamInsight (supported product), Azure Stream Analytics (supported product), Microsoft Trill (supported product), and most recently, Ambrosia (available on GitHub). Trill has become a standard for temporal and stream data processing within Microsoft, and years after creation, is still the most expressive and performant general purpose stream data processor in the world. I am also an inventor of numerous patents.