Portrait of Justin Rao

Justin Rao

Senior Researcher


Justin M. Rao is a an Senior Researcher currently based in Redmond, WA. He also serves Technical Advisor to the Chief Economist, Preston McAfee. He is an empirical microeconomist who works on the economics of e-commerce, applied mechanism design, cloud computing, data-driven pricing and business model development for new technologies. More information can be found at www.justinmrao.com


Multiworld Testing

Established: November 1, 2013

Exponentially better than A/B testing. Multiworld Testing (MWT) is the capability to test and optimize over K policies (context-based decision rules) using an amount of data and computation that scales logarithmically in K, without…

Explore-Exploit Learning @MSR-NYC

Established: October 24, 2013

This is an umbrella project for machine learning with explore-exploit tradeoff: the trade-off between acquiring and using information. This is a mature, yet very active, research area studied in Machine Learning, Theoretical Computer Science, Operations Research, and Economics. Much of…




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MSR NYC Lab Opening


May 16, 2014


Duncan Watts, Fernando Diaz, Kate Crawford, David Rothschild, Justin Rao, Jennifer Chayes, Dan Huttenlocher, Kathy McKeown, danah boyd, and David Pennock


Microsoft Research New York City, Microsoft Research New England and New York City, Cornell Tech, Columbia University