Portrait of James Scott

James Scott

Principal Program Manager


Since 2016 I have been working on Azure Sphere, a new, highly secured internet of things platform. I joined Azure Sphere when it was a Microsoft Research incubation known as Codename 4×4 and have been with the team from research project all the way through to being a full-fledged Microsoft product.

Prior to joining Azure Sphere, I was a principal researcher in the Sensors and Devices Group at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK. I joined Microsoft in 2007, having worked at Intel Research from 2003 to 2006. I received my PhD from the University of Cambridge in 2002.

My research interests include many aspects of ubiquitous and pervasive computing such as new sensors and devices, mobile interaction, wireless and mobile networking, energy management, rapid prototyping, the internet of things, and security and privacy.

Much of my work has been published, with over 50 peer-reviewed academic papers. I have also filed over 60 patents. I was honoured to receive the ACM SIGMOBILE Test of Time award in 2016. I have served as the steering committee chair of ACM UbiComp, as well as on program committees for UbiComp, Pervasive, MobiSys and CHI, and as an editorial board member for IEEE Pervasive Computing, and I am a founding editor of the journal PACM IMWUT.