Kristin Lauter is a Principal Researcher and Research Manager for the Cryptography group at Microsoft Research. She directs the group’s research activities in theoretical and applied cryptography and in the related math fields of number theory and algebraic geometry. Her personal research interests include algorithmic number theory, elliptic curve, pairing-based,  and lattice-based cryptography, homomorphic encryption, and cloud security and privacy, including privacy for healthcare.

Lauter is currently serving as President of the Association for Women in Mathematics, and on the Council of the American Mathematical Society.  She was selected to be a Fellow of the American Mathematical Society in 2014.  She is on the Editorial Board for the SIAM Journal on Applied Algebra and Geometry (SIAGA),  Journal of Mathematical Cryptology, and International Journal of Information and Coding Theory. She was a co-founder of the Women In Numbers Network, a research collaboration community for women in number theory, and she serves on the Scientific Advisory Board for BIRS, the Banff International Research Station.  Lauter is also an Affiliate Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Washington. She received her BA, MS, and PhD, all in mathematics, from the University of Chicago, in 1990, 1991, and 1996, respectively. She was T.H. Hildebrandt Assistant Professor of Mathematics at the University of Michigan (1996-1999), and a Visiting Scholar at Max Planck Institut fur Mathematik in Bonn, Germany (1997), and at Institut de Mathematiques Luminy in France (1999). In 2008, Lauter, together with her coauthors, was awarded the Selfridge Prize in Computational Number Theory.

Here is my CV: Kristin Lauter Curriculum Vitae2016.





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  • 2015/971 ( PDF ) Attacks on Search RLWE Hao Chen, Kristin Lauter, and Katherine E. Stange
  • 2015/965 ( PDF ) Private Genome Analysis through Homomorphic Encryption Miran Kim and Kristin Lauter,  BioMed Central, Journal of Medical Informatics and Decision Making
  • 2015/758 ( PDF ) Ring-LWE Cryptography for the Number Theorist Yara Elias and Kristin E. Lauter and Ekin Ozman and Katherine E. Stange, Proceedings of WIN3
  • 2015/386 ( PDF ) Privately Evaluating Decision Trees and Random Forests David J. Wu and Tony Feng and Michael Naehrig and Kristin Lauter
  • 2015/176 ( PDF ) Key Recovery for LWE in Polynomial Time Kim Laine and Kristin Lauter
  • 2015/133 ( PDF ) Private Computation on Encrypted Genomic Data Kristin Lauter and Adriana Lopez-Alt and Michael Naehrig, LatinCrypt 2014 (GenoPri 2014).
  • 2015/132 ( PDF ) Homomorphic Computation of Edit Distance Jung Hee Cheon and Miran Kim and Kristin Lauter, Workshop on Applied Homomorphic Cryptography 2015
  • 2015/106 ( PDF ) Provably weak instances of Ring-LWE Yara Elias and Kristin E. Lauter and Ekin Ozman and Katherine E. Stange, CRYPTO 2015
  • 10.1093/bioinformatics/btv563 HEALER: Homomorphic computation of ExAct Logistic rEgRession for secure rare disease variants analysis in GWAS. BioinformaticsShuang Wang, Yuchen Zhang, Wenrui Dai, Kristin Lauter, Miran Kim, Yuzhe Tang, Hongkai Xiong, Xiaoquian Jiang.


Arithmetic geometry

Cryptographic implementation improvements

Algorithmic number theory

Number of points on curves over finite fields

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ANTS II: Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium, Universite de Bordeaux, May 20, 1996.

Oberwolfach Meeting on Finite Fields, Oberwolfach, Germany, January 20, 1997.

Connecticut Valley Undergraduate Colloquium Series, UMass, Amherst, April 23, 1997.

AGCT-6: Arithmetic, Geometry, and Coding Theory, C.I.R.M. Luminy, France, June 24, 1997.

AMS Summer Research Conference, Applications of Curves over Finite Fields, Seattle, 1997.

European Research Conference, Number Theory and Arithmetical Geometry, Spain, Oct 1997.

ICCC: 2nd International Conference on Coding Theory and Cryptography, Mexico, April, 1998.

AMS Fall Western Section Meeting, Tucson, Arizona, November 14-15, 1998

Oberwolfach Meeting on Explicit Methods in Number Theory, Oberwolfach, July, 1999.

AGCT-7: Arithmetic, Geometry, and Coding Theory, October, 1999, C.I.R.M., Luminy, France

Workshop on Unusual Applications of Number Theory, 10-14 January 2000, DIMACS

AMS Western Section Regional Meeting, Invited Address, October, 2000, San Francisco

MSRI Workshop on Number Theory, Genus three curves over finite fields October, 2000

Sixth Pacific North West Number Theory Conference Vancouver, March 2002.

IPAM New Trends in Cryptography, April 2002

University of Michigan Undergraduate Colloquium, April 2002

High Primes and Misdemeanours, Lectures in honour of Hugh Williams, Banff 2003

Pacific Northwest Number Theory Conference, Vancouver, April 2004

BIRS Workshop: Explicit Methods in Number Theory, November, 2004

BIRS Workshop Number Theory Inspired by Cryptography November, 2005.

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Homomorphic encryption

Genomic privacy

Cryptographic hash functions

Cryptographic cloud storage

Practical somewhat homomorphic encryption

Women in math