Portrait de Kristin Lauter

Kristin Lauter

Principal Researcher, Research Manager

Talks and conferences

Invited talks

Selected past invited talks

Older talks…to be completed:

ANTS II: Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium, Universite de Bordeaux, May 20, 1996.

Oberwolfach Meeting on Finite Fields, Oberwolfach, Germany, January 20, 1997.

Connecticut Valley Undergraduate Colloquium Series, UMass, Amherst, April 23, 1997.

AGCT-6: Arithmetic, Geometry, and Coding Theory, C.I.R.M. Luminy, France, June 24, 1997.

AMS Summer Research Conference, Applications of Curves over Finite Fields, Seattle, 1997.

European Research Conference, Number Theory and Arithmetical Geometry, Spain, Oct 1997.

ICCC: 2nd International Conference on Coding Theory and Cryptography, Mexico, April, 1998.

AMS Fall Western Section Meeting, Tucson, Arizona, November 14-15, 1998

Oberwolfach Meeting on Explicit Methods in Number Theory, Oberwolfach, July, 1999.

AGCT-7: Arithmetic, Geometry, and Coding Theory, October, 1999, C.I.R.M., Luminy, France

Workshop on Unusual Applications of Number Theory, 10-14 January 2000, DIMACS

AMS Western Section Regional Meeting, Invited Address, October, 2000, San Francisco

MSRI Workshop on Number Theory, Genus three curves over finite fields October, 2000

Sixth Pacific North West Number Theory Conference Vancouver, March 2002.

IPAM New Trends in Cryptography, April 2002

University of Michigan Undergraduate Colloquium, April 2002

High Primes and Misdemeanours, Lectures in honour of Hugh Williams, Banff 2003

Pacific Northwest Number Theory Conference, Vancouver, April 2004

BIRS Workshop: Explicit Methods in Number Theory, November, 2004

BIRS Workshop Number Theory Inspired by Cryptography November, 2005.

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