Portrait of Kori Inkpen

Kori Inkpen

Principal Researcher and Research Manager


My main research area is Human Computer Interaction with a focus on Computer Supported Collaboration. I am interesting in exploring ways to support collaboration across a variety of domains including home, work, education, healthcare and fun. Currently my research is focused on video communication for telepresence.

I currently manage the neXus group at Microsoft Research. The Nexus group combines research in Social Computing, Computer Supported Collaborative Work, and Information Visualization to support rich collaboration across a variety of dimensions, including individual and community interactions, co-located and distributed collaboration; ambient and interactive visualization; and awareness displays. Prior to joining Microsoft Research I was a Professor of Computer Science at Dalhousie University (2001 – 2007) and Simon Fraser University (1998-2001). I received my PhD in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia in 1997.


Event Livestreaming

Established: February 1, 2015

We became fascinated with mobile livestreaming when Meerkat and Periscope were released in early 2015.  We wanted to understand how people used these services to engage with real world events.  We found that independent broadcasters would cover an event with overlapping streams.  Having multiple perspectives gives a unique, authentic view of an event.  The real-time backchannels allow the viewers to communicate with one another and with the broadcaster, giving them the ability to engage and…


Established: February 27, 2012

IllumiShare is an innovative system that enables remote people to share any physical or digital object on any surface. It is a low-cost, peripheral device that looks like a desk lamp, and just like a lamp lights up a surface at which it is pointed, IllumiShare shares a surface. It works well with existing systems for video communication, such as Skype, to provide delightful experiences through a hardware-software combination. Some…














 Keynote Presentations & Invited Talks

Conference & Program Chair

Conference Program Committees

  • Program Committee, ACM CHI 2012, Austin, TX
  • Program Committee, ECSCW 2011, Aarhus, Denmark
  • Program Committee, ACM CHI 2011, Vancouver, BC
  • Program Committee, ACM CSCW 2011, Hangzhou, China
  • Program Committee, ECSCW 2009, Vienna, Austria
  • Program Committee, UIST 2009, Victoria, BC
  • Program Committee, Group 2009, Sanibel Island, FL
  • Program Committee, IDC 2009, Como, Italy
  • Doctoral Symposium Panel, ACM UIST 2008, Monterey, CA
  • Program Committee, ACM CSCW 2008, San Diego, CA
  • Program Committee Member, ACM CHI 2007, San Jose, CA
  • Program Committee Member, ACM UIST 2006, Montreau, France
  • Program Committee Member, ACM CHI 2006, Montreal, QC
  • Doctoral Consortium Committee, ACM CHI 2006, Montreal, QC
  • Student Design Competition Committee, ACM CHI 2006, Montreal, QC