Portrait of Karthik Raghunathan

Karthik Raghunathan

Senior Applied Scientist


I am a Scientist at Microsoft, working on improving conversational understanding models for our speech-enabled products such as Xbox and Windows Phone. In my previous roles at Microsoft, I have worked under Ron Kaplan as a Research Engineer in the Bing Natural Language Features Team and as a Software Development Engineer in the Office Natural Language Group.
Before joining Microsoft, I graduated from Stanford University in 2010 with an MS in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) with Distinction in Research in Natural Language Processing. As a graduate research assistant under Prof. Christopher Manning and Prof. Dan Jurafsky at the Stanford Natural Language Processing Group, I worked on the problems of Coreference Resolution, Situated Human-Robot Interaction, Text Message Normalization and Statistical Machine Translation.


Masters Thesis

Karthik Raghunathan. 2010. Simple Coreference Resolution with Rich Syntactic and Semantic Features: Is it Enough?. Master’s Research Report. Stanford University.


Milad Shokouhi, Rosie Jones, Umut Ozertem, Karthik Raghunathan, Fernando Diaz. 2014. Mobile query reformulations. In Proceedings of the 37th international ACM SIGIR conference on Research & Development in Information Retrieval.

Karthik Raghunathan, Heeyoung Lee, Sudarshan Rangarajan, Nate Chambers, Mihai Surdeanu, Dan Jurafsky and Christopher Manning. 2010. A multi-pass sieve for coreference resolution. In Proceedings of the 2010 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing.

Adam Vogel, Karthik Raghunathan and Dan Jurafsky. 2010. Eye Spy: Improving Vision through Dialog. In Proceedings of the 2010 AAAI Fall Symposium Series.