Portrait of Krishna Chintalapudi

Krishna Chintalapudi



I am a researcher in the Mobility and Networking Research at Microsoft Research Redmond. Prior to joining MSR Redmond, I have worked at Microsoft Research India, Bangalore and Bosch Research and Technology Center in Palo Alto, CA, USA. I graduated from University of Southern California with a PhD in Computer Science in 2006. My advisor was Prof. Ramesh Govindan. My research interests broadly lie in the area of wireless networking systems and mobile computing.





Recent Selected Publications

Technical Program Committees

  • Mobisys 2013
  • SIGCOMM 2012
  • CoRONET 2011
  • SECON 2010
  • SECON 2009

Recent News

Ongoing Projects

Secure NFC

  • Dhwani – Secure Acoustic NFC

Wireless and Whitespaces

  • WiFi-NC – WiFi over narrow channels
  • WiFi-Nano – WiFi using 800ns slots
  • SPECNET – Distributed spectrum Sensing for whitespaces

Device Positioning Systems

  • Centaur – Bayesian inference based fusion of WiFi-acoustic localization techniques to enable automatic positioning of office equipment
  • Zee – Mobile phone based location-annotated crowdsourcing
  • EZ – Mobile phone positioning without war-driving

Past Projects

Hard Real-time Control for Industrial Wireless

Structural Health Monitoring

  • NetSHM – A programmable sensor-actuator network for monitoring civil structures.