Portrait of Lev Nachmanson

Lev Nachmanson

Principal Research Software Development Engineer


I am a Principle Research Software Development Engineer of the RISE group of Microsoft Research.

My current project is a Linear Program Solver that is now integrated into theorem prover Z3.

I created Microsoft Automatic Graph Layout, GLEE in the past. It is a .NET toof for drawing graphs. It is included in Visual Studio Ultimate 2010, and in Visual Studio Professional 2012 and higher versions of Visual Studio. In addition to Graph Drawing I worked on stochastic games, test strategies,  and general algorithms on graphs. This work has been done while developing Spec Explorer, an advanced model-based testing tool. During the Spec Explorer project I was mainly responsible for the Finite State Machine viewing and graph traversal algorithms.

Among my publications I like the most this one: Node Overlap Removal by Growing a Tree.

Before joining Microsoft, I was the manager of the Geometry and Kinematics team of Tecnomatix, an Israeli software company. I received my PHD on General Topology  the Ural State University of Yekaterinburg, Russia (now the Ural State University), where I also taught and developed Computer Aided Design systems.