Portrait of Lidong Zhou

Lidong Zhou

Distinguished Scientist, Managing Director


Dr. Lidong Zhou is Managing Director of Microsoft Research Asia, responsible for the lab’s overall research and development activities in both Beijing and Shanghai. He also oversees the lab’s collaborations with academic and industrial partners in China and the Asia Pacific region.

A Distinguished Scientist of Microsoft, Dr. Zhou joined Microsoft in 2002 and has previously worked at Microsoft Research’s Silicon Valley lab as a researcher, at the Redmond lab as a principal researcher and Research Manager of the Systems Research Group, and at the Beijing lab as Assistant Managing Director.

Dr. Zhou is a renowned computer scientist specializing in computer systems research. Throughout his career, he has been continuously advancing the state of the art in both the theory and practice of scalable, reliable, and trustworthy distributed systems. As a key technical lead for Microsoft in the design and development of large-scale distributed systems, Dr. Zhou has initiated and…