Portrait of Lintao Zhang

Lintao Zhang

Partner Research Manager


I am a researcher in the Systems and Networking Research Area of MSR-Asia in Beijing. Currently, I manage the Intelligent Cloud and Edge Research Group in MSRA. Before joining MSR-A in late 2008, I  was a researcher in Microsoft Research Silicon Valley. In the past I have worked on a diverse set of exciting projects, including verification and logic, internet security, distributed systems, computer architecture and reconfigurable computing. My most recent interest is system issues in very large-scale, distributed systems. In particular, I am focusing on the challenges and opportunities in cloud scale networking, storage, computing and AI.

I have won several awards for my research, including award papers in SOSP and DATE, 10-year retrospective most influential paper in ICCAD, most cited paper in 50-year history of DAC, a CAV Award, and a Richard Newton Technical Impact Award in Electronic Design Automation. I earned my BS degree from Peking University, and my PhD from Princeton University.