Portrait of Lucas Joppa

Lucas Joppa

Chief Environmental Officer

Research publications

In addition to leading Microsoft’s Environmental Sustainability team, Dr. Lucas Joppa is an active conservation ecologist, contributing extensively to scientific journals in the form of new research and thought leadership. For a full list of academic citations, visit Lucas Joppa’s Google Scholar profile.

Featured research and thought leadership

Grizzly bear
Measuring Terrestrial Area of Habitat (AOH) and Its Utility for the IUCN Red List

Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 2019 | “I’m pleased to join my scientific colleagues in introducing a new consensus-building paper that bridges various, and sometimes competing, ideas about how to measure the terrestrial ‘Area of Habitat’ in order to help inform IUCN red list assessments.” – Lucas Joppa, Microsoft

Meinshausen scenario chart
A Global Deal For Nature: Guiding principles, milestones, and targets

Science Advances, 2019 | “The time is short and the science is clear—humanity must do more than reduce our global carbon emissions in order to escape the brink of climate disaster. The Global Deal for Nature lays out an ambitious plan for how climate and conservation policy can work hand in hand, catalyzed by advanced technology solutions, to protect and restore Earth’s natural ecosystems, in order to ensure a healthy and sustainable future for our planet.” – Lucas Joppa, Microsoft

Photo of man pointing to AI environmental mapping software
The case for technology investments in the environment

Nature, 2017 | “I believe that for every environmental problem, governments, non-profits, academia and the technology industry need to ask two questions: ‘how can AI help solve this?’ and ‘how can we facilitate the application of AI?’” – Lucas Joppa, Microsoft