Portrait of Marc Brockschmidt

Marc Brockschmidt

Senior Principal Researcher


I’m a Researcher at Microsoft Research in the Machine Intelligence and Programming Principles and Tools groups in Cambridge.

My research focuses on building tools helping domain experts amplify their knowledge. In particular, I am interested in machine learning systems operating on highly structured data, such as computer programs or drug-like molecules. In the case of program analyses, this is focused on the analysis of implicitly specified properties (such as memory safety, termination or complexity) and the use of machine learning techniques to help where classical program analysis fails. Most of my work in this field was done in the context of the Deep Program Understanding project. In the case of drug discovery, I am interested in systems that help chemists in the drug discovery process, for example by automatically proposing molecules that are likely to have a set of desired properties, or by bypassing costly and slow synthesize-and-test cycles by predicting molecular…