Mary Czerwinski is a Research Manager of the Visualization and Interaction (VIBE) Research Group.

Mary's research focuses primarily on emotion tracking, information worker task management, health and wellness for individuals and groups. Her background is in visual attention and multitasking. She holds a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from Indiana University in Bloomington. Mary was awarded the ACM SIGCHI Lifetime Service Award, was inducted into the CHI Academy, and became an ACM Distinguished Scientist in 2010. Mary became a Fellow of the ACM in 2016. She also received the Distinguished Alumni award from Indiana University's Brain and Psychological Sciences department in 2014.


ClassSearch: A Classroom Environment for Teaching Web Search Skills

We explore the use of social learning — improving knowledge skills by observing peer behavior — in the domain of Web search skill acquisition, focusing specifically on co-located classroom scenarios. Through a series of interviews, pilot studies, and classroom deployments, we conclude that a peripheral display of Web search activity within a classroom facilitates both social learning and teacher-led discourse. We present the ClassSearch system for shared awareness of Web search activity, which embodies principles…

Logan: Logfile Analysis

Established: October 12, 2015

Understanding Techniques and Tools for More Effective Telemetry and Log Data Analysis. Increasingly, business processes require data-driven real-time feedback based on large quantities of log data and customer telemetry from multiple sources. The Logan Project takes a broad approach to understanding the specific needs of consumers of telemetry and log data, focusing on giving them better support for extracting the data they need, cleaning it, and creating queries against it. To understand the needs of…

Lightwear: An Exploration in Wearable Light Therapy

Established: June 2, 2014

We explored the social acceptability and user experience of wearable form factors as a portable option for Bright Light Therapy (BLT). BLT remains the predominant therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder despite a non-compliance rate of ~70% commonly attributed to the inconvenience of prolonged daily sitting in front of light boxes. To date, attempts to address convenience using wearable/portable light treatment options have been met with limited success for nuanced reasons (i.e., stigma, efficacy, etc.). In…

User Experience with Big Data

Established: May 24, 2012

Big data analytics requires new workflows: high latency queries, massively-parallel code, and cloud computing infrastructures all make handling a big dataset different (and harder) than working on a local machine. We are exploring user experiences for analysts, and thinking about new ways to deal with big datasets. BigDataUX: building a better user experience for Big Data. Lots of different definitions can be found for "big data," but they all have one aspect in common: big…

Productivity and Wellbeing in the Workplace

Established: January 1, 2012

As a leader in the productivity tools space, Microsoft is well positioned to make positive impact on people's well being by designing tools to encourage healthier life styles that also positively affect productivity and lower stress. Our team of researchers has been investigating how online and offline social interactions of information workers affect their productivity and sense of wellbeing. We have also looked at patterns of sleep, diet and exercise and overall healthiness as well as…





The Activity Platform
Helen Wang, Alexander Moshchuk, Michael Gamon, Mona Haraty, Shamsi Iqbal, Eli T. Brown, Ashish Kapoor, Chris Meek, Eric Chen, Yuan Tian, Jaime Teevan, Mary Czerwinski, Susan Dumais, in USENIX 15th Workshop on Hot Topics in Operating Systems (HotOS XV), May 8, 2015, View abstract, Download PDF













GroupBar: The TaskBar Evolved
Greg Smith, Patrick Baudisch, George Robertson, Mary Czerwinski, Brian Meyers, Daniel Robbins, in (2003) OZCHI 2003 Conference for the Computer-Human Interaction Special Interest Group of the Human Factors Society of Australia, January 1, 2003, View abstract, Download PDF








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And how does that make you feel?


July 24, 2014


Andrew Begel, Mary Czerwinski, and Erin Solovey


Microsoft Research, Drexel University

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Natural User Interface: The Road Ahead (Panel)


July 19, 2011


Kristin Tolle, Mary Czerwinski, Mark Bolas, Justine Cassell, and Daniel Wigdor


Microsoft, Microsoft Research, University of Southern California, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Toronto



March 2009

Personal Vibe is a prototype Windows Activity Logger that tracks user actions like moving a window or starting an application. The data can be used for a variety of projects from monitoring the actions of study participants to building Vista gadgets that tell you how long you’ve been at work today. The data is stored…

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Microsoft Scalable Fabric

August 2005

Scalable Fabric is a task management system for the Windows desktop. A central focus area, defined by you, contains windows that behave in the traditional way. When you drag a window into the periphery, it becomes smaller and continues to get smaller the closer you get to the edge of the screen. This makes it…

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