Portrait of Marion Zepf

Marion Zepf

Software Development Engineer


I’m a computational linguist and software developer.

At Microsoft Research Maluuba, I’m implementing a next-generation dialogue management system with complex features such as:

State Tracking, i.e. deciding which pieces of information from previous queries are still relevant to the current query.
Policy Managment, i.e. deciding which action the machine should take next, e.g., present results to the user, ask for confirmation, ask the user to choose from multiple options, etc.
Support for multiple domains (e.g., making calls, sending messages, navigation, weather forecast, booking flights, …) and allowing the user to switch between them like in a natural conversation.
Long-term anaphora, i.e. allowing the user to refer back to persons or locations that were mentioned several queries earlier in the conversation.
Detecting whether the user wants to refine their current search or start a new search from scratch.
Suspending the current query and coming back to it later if it cannot be answered at the moment due to e.g., the lack of a required internet connection.
Automatic generation of machine responses using a custom-made NLG (natural language generation) framework with language-independent business logic and language-specific modules.