Portrait of Melissa Chase

Melissa Chase



I am a researcher in the Cryptography group at Microsoft Research Redmond. My research focuses on defining and constructing cryptographic protocols and primitives. Some areas I have worked in include anonymous credentials and e-cash, non-interactive zero knowledge proofs, primitives providing controlled malleability, and constructions for signatures schemes and attribute-based encryption and more generally pairing-based cryptography.

I completed a phd in Computer Science at Brown University, working under Anna Lysyanskaya. During the summer of 2007, I went to IBM Zurich to work with Jan Camenisch in the idemix group, and I spent the fall semester of 2006 at the cryptography program at UCLA’s IPAM. I did my undergrad at Harvey Mudd College in Computer Science and Math.

For an up to date publication list please see my Google Scholar page.