Portrait of Michel Galley

Michel Galley

Senior Researcher


About me:

I’m a researcher at Microsoft Research AI, and my main research interests are in artificial intelligence, natural language processing, deep learning, neural conversational models, neural text generation, machine translation, and text and speech summarization. My current research focuses primarily on deep learning methods for conversational intelligence. More information about my work on Google Scholar and LinkedIn.




2007-2009 Postdoc in Computer Science, Stanford University
2007 Ph.D. in Computer Science, Columbia University
2002 M.Sc. in Computer Science, Columbia University
2001 Diploma in Computer Science, EPFL

In The News

7/2018: Jianfeng Gao (Microsoft), Lihong Li (Google) and I are giving a tutorial on Neural Approaches to Conversational AI at SIGIR-18 and ACL-18. You can download the slides here: [PowerPoint] (with animations) and [PDF].

6/2018-9/2018: The MSR NLP group is organizing a shared task on end-to-end grounded conversational AI at Dialog System Technology Challenges (DSTC7). See the details of the task to download the data and evaluate your own systems. Please consider registering! The development phase has already started, but you can still register until August.