Portrait of Michael Gamon

Michael Gamon

Principal Researcher


Short Bio:

1990-91: Fulbright scholar at the University of Washington
1992: MA in linguistics, University of Washington
1996: PhD in linguistics, University of Washington
1996: internship in the NLP group
1996: joined MS as German grammarian in the NLP group, writing the German grammar for NLPWin, still used in the German grammar checker in Office
1997-1998: working from the German MS sub in Unterschleissheim
1998 – 2014: member of the NLP group
Since Feb 2014: member of the Knowledge Technologies Group (formerly Knowledge and Language Team) in MSR-Technology

Research Interests:

Intent detection in email
Knowledge extraction from enterprise content
Knowledge representation
Automatic detection of language errors
Sentiment and subjectivity detection
Analysis of social media (see our BLEWS project)
Modeling of linguistic properties (e.g. word order, language errors)
Text classification based on stylistic properties
Text representations beyond ngrams