Portrait of Michael Gamon

Michael Gamon



Short Bio:

1990-91: Fulbright scholar at the University of Washington
1992: MA in linguistics, University of Washington
1996: PhD in linguistics, University of Washington
1996: internship in the NLP group
1996: joined MS as German grammarian in the NLP group, writing the German grammar for NLPWin, still used in the German grammar checker in Office
1997-1998: working from the German MS sub in Unterschleissheim
1998 – 2014: member of the NLP group
Since Feb 2014: member of the Knowledge Technologies Group (formerly Knowledge and Language Team) in MSR-Technology

Research Interests:

  • Intent detection in email
  • Knowledge extraction from enterprise content
  • Knowledge representation
  • Automatic detection of language errors
  • Sentiment and subjectivity detection
  • Analysis of social media (see our BLEWS project)
  • Modeling of linguistic properties (e.g. word order, language errors)
  • Text classification based on stylistic properties
  • Text representations beyond ngrams