Portrait of Mitch Goldberg

Mitch Goldberg

Director of Development


Mitch Goldberg is Director of Development of the Microsoft Research User eXperience Technologies team at Microsoft Research Cambridge, based in England. MSR UXT is a small engineering team with expertise in user experiences, Computer Vision image processing and Machine Learning.

Recent contributions include the Kinect for Windows Slideshow Gestures-WPF sample on MSDN, the gesture recognizer in the Microsoft Touch Mouse, and Microsoft Research AutoCollage. We are currently working with HCI, Computer Vision and Machine Learning researchers at MSRC and other labs to realize compelling cross-device scenarios in partnership with Nokia.

Mitch intimately understands the balance between research and engineering environments and knows how to drive consensus, clarify ambiguity and champion a development implementation plan that harnesses research results for product release impact.

Mitch joined Microsoft in Redmond in January 1996 as Microsoft’s TAPI (Telephone Application Programming Interface) Technical Evangelist with the Developer Relations Group. He was responsible for key third parties shipping showcase telephony applications at Windows 2000 launch. He championed the first TAPI 3.0 application, Phone Dialer for PSTN and IP networks, which shipped “in the box” with Windows 2000. Subsequent work for Microsoft includes roles as Partners Group Program Manager for Microsoft Mobile Explorer (Mobile Devices Division), Technical Business Development Manager focused on wireless for the PocketPC (Mobility & Wireless Division), and Windows CE Technical Evangelist, Wireless Palm-size PC (Developer Relations Group). Mitch joined Microsoft Research in March, 2002.

Before joining Microsoft, Mitch was a Senior Software Engineer leading an Advanced Product Development team at Active Voice (now part of Cisco) for three years, reporting to their Chief Technology Officer in Seattle. He also spent eight years as a Senior Software Engineer with Delco Systems Operations, a division of Hughes Electronics/General Motors Corporation, in Santa Barbara.

Mitch holds a BA degree in Sociology, with emphasis in Computer Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Passions include music, photography and a true love of technology. Whenever time allows, he also enjoys sailing, SCUBA diving and has a passion for visiting beautiful beaches in Fiji and other tropical locations around the world.


SlideShow Gestures-WPF

Established: September 13, 2016

The SlideShow Gestures-WPF sample shows how you are able to use the Kinect for Windows SDK to control Windows applications through the use of gestures. It uses research from the Microsoft Research Cambridge lab to trigger events when the user performs a gesture.   The included source code provides a simple slide-show application, which processes the gesture recognition events from the runtime DLL to navigate through a series of images drawn from the 'Pictures' folders…

Avalanche: File Swarming with Network Coding

Established: December 9, 2008

The code-named research project "Avalanche" studies how to enable a cost effective, internet scalable and very fast file distribution solution (e.g. for TV on-demand, patches, software distribution). Such an approach leverages desktop PCs to aid in the distribution process, relieving congested servers and network links from most of the traffic. Details Existing Peer-Assisted file delivery systems use swarming techniques to simultaneously obtain different pieces of a file from multiple nodes. One problem of such…


Established: October 7, 2008

Nimbus application from the Cambridge Innovation Development team Nimbus: Secure Peer Accelerated Downloads Millions of people download files over the internet every day, and servers can’t always keep up with the demand. See how Nimbus provides a solution to this growing problem. About Nimbus Secure peer accelerated downloads distribute authorized files to more people more quickly than any server can alone. Based on Network Coding research, Microsoft…


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