Portrait of Ming Wu

Ming Wu

Lead Researcher


I am now a researcher in System Group of MSRA. I got my B.S. degree of CS (computer science) from USTC (University of Science and Technology of China) in 2002, and got Ph.D. degree of CS from ICT (Institute of Computing Technology) of CAS (Chinese Academy of Science) in 2007, and then I joined Microsoft Research Asia.

My research interests include distributed system design and debugging technique, large-scale transactional processing system, graph storage and computation system, and memory management technology.


MODIST: Transparent Model Checking of Unmodified Cloud Systems

Established: March 8, 2014

MODIST is a practical software model checker for unmodified concurrent, distributed and cloud systems. MODIST explores different execution paths systematically as well as simulating a variety of environment faults to discover subtle corner-case defects. We have applied MODIST in Oracle Berkely DB, MPS(Paxos implementation), SQL Azure, Windows Azure Storage and other real systems, and found many new bugs.

Hyder, a transactional indexed-record manager for shared flash

Established: February 8, 2013

Hyder is a transactional indexed-record manager for shared flash. That is, it supports operations on indexed records and transaction operations that bracket the record operations. It is designed to run on a cluster of servers that have shared access to a large pool of network-addressable storage, which stores the indexed records as a multiversion log-structured database. Hyder's main feature is that it scales out without partitioning the database or application. In Hyder, the database is…