Portrait of Monojit Choudhury

Monojit Choudhury



I am a Researcher in Microsoft Research Lab India since 2007. My research interests cut across the areas of Linguistics, Cognition and Computation. Currently, I am working on script and code-mixing, especially in social media and web search. We have introduced the notion of Mixed-Script Information Retrieval, where the query and the documents can be in different, and possibly, more than one scripts but in the same language; the task is to retrieve the relevant documents across scripts. Such situations arise quite commonly for Indian languages, where the documents (say song lyrics or posts on discussion forums) can be either written in the native script or in Romanized form. In fact, a large amount of Indian language (and also Greek, Arabic, etc.) content on the Web is available in Romanized form. Mixed-script IR entails challenges such as indexing cross-script indexing, handling transliteration induced spelling variations in queries and documents, code-mixed query understanding and query completion.

Code-mixing or use of more than one languages in a single conversation or utterance is a phenomenon that is observed in all multilingual societies. Due to social media and online forums, code-mixing is now rampant on the Internet. I am interested in developing core NLP techniques for identifying and processing code-mixed text. I am also interested in studying the extent, distribution and socio-linguistic factors influencing code-mixing. Check out more: Project Mélange and the code-mixing blog.

I also work on various NLP and Information Retrieval techniques for Indian languages. In the past I have worked on computational musicology, language evolution, evolution of the structure of Web search queries and complex networks.