Portrait of Nan Duan

Nan Duan

Lead Researcher


Hi there, I am Nan Duan (段楠).

I got my Ph.D. from Tianjin University in 2011, supervised by Dr. Ming Zhou.

I am a researcher in the Natural Language Computing group at Microsoft Research Asia.

I am working on fundamental NLP tasks, such as open domain question answering, semantic parsing, dialogue system, paraphrasing, and etc., for building AI products with massive users, such as Xiaoice, Cortana, and Bing.

I am organizing the largest Chinese QA evaluation tasks (http://tcci.ccf.org.cn/conference/2016/pages/page05_CFPTasks.html), and in this year, we have a total of 99 teams participated in our two QA tasks (DBQA and KBQA). The QA datasets can be found in https://github.com/nanduan/MSRA-Open-Domain-QA-Tasks.




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We build two largest open domain QA datasets for Chinese language, which can find in https://github.com/nanduan/MSRA-Open-Domain-QA-Tasks.

The first dataset is for Knowledge-based QA (or KBQA) task, and the second dataset is for Document-based QA (or DBQA) task.

Both of these two datasets are used in http://tcci.ccf.org.cn/conference/2016/pages/page05_CFPTasks.html.