Portrait of Nathalie Henry Riche

Nathalie Henry Riche

Principal Researcher


Nathalie is a principal researcher in the EPIC (opens in new tab) group (Extended Perception, Interaction & Cognition) led by Ken Hinckley (opens in new tab).

She envisions a future in which all of our devices will work together to help us create, think and communicate. Her work spans technical and fundamental contributions to cross-device interaction, digital inking, information visualization and storytelling.

Nathalie is passionate about observing fundamental human activities such as thinking and creating, designing magical experiences delighting users and reflecting on how technology can make a positive impact in the world.

She holds a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Paris XI and Inria, France, as well as from the university of Sydney, Australia in Human-Computer Interaction.

Selected Research Projects

Multi-device experiences (opens in new tab)

(Th)inking with data (opens in new tab)

Data-driven storytelling (opens in new tab)

Data and visualization literacy (opens in new tab)

Visual exploration of graphs and networks (opens in new tab)