Portrait of Navendu Jain

Navendu Jain

Azure Engineering Leader


Navendu Jain is a Azure Engineering Leader in Windows Azure. His work spans the areas of machine learning/AI, big data analytics, distributed networked systems and security. He has also developed deep learning solutions for healthcare analytics. Currently, he leads a world-class engineering team building scalable machine learning platform and services for cloud incident management in Azure. Previously, he was Principal Researcher and Architect at Microsoft Research where he worked on designing and building distributed networked systems to improve their scalability, reliability and security. He has been a recipient of several awards at Microsoft and has lead teams in winning Machine Learning Competitions. His work has been awarded the Microsoft Achievement Award for 2018.

Dr Jain is leading the SysSieve project whose goal is to automatically derive actionable insights from unstructured data. Such unstructured data sources are prevalent such as customer feedback, customer portal tickets, incident reports, product reviews, software bug reports and build errors, knowledge base (KB) articles and security reports. By building upon techniques in statistical NLP, Deep Learning, Information Retrieval and Distributed Computing, SysSieve enables data-driven decision making for Microsoft business groups. It is used in daily production across Windows, Skype, Azure, Bing, Office 365, MSIT, and Customer Service and Support. SysSieve has been featured on Microsoft Channel 9; see Dr. Jain’s interview here

Dr. Jain and a colleague led the design, implementation and deployment of NetWiser service that enables automated real-time analysis of network failures across all of Microsoft datacenters. NetWiser has been awarded the Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Reliability Award for 2013. Details here.

Dr. Jain and his MSR colleagues partnered with the Azure and Bing teams to develop a scalable, agile and cost-effective next generation data center network using commodity switches. This architecture is now the basis of data center networks in Azure and Bing, and cloud infrastructures across the industry. This work appeared in ACM SIGCOMM 2009 and it has been recognized by ACM as one of “the most important research results published in CS in recent years” and appeared as an invited paper in the Research Highlights section of the newly re-formatted Communications of the ACM (CACM). This work has been blogged here.

Dr Jain’s first project at Microsoft focused on building a low-power, high-performance and low-cost data center cluster based on Intel Atom boards. This work was presented to Bill Gates and covered by New York Times.