Portrait of Nick Craswell

Nick Craswell

Principal Group Science Manager


I am a researcher at Microsoft Bing in Bellevue Washington, working on core relevance.

I am interested in Web search evaluation. I built the VLC, VLC2, WT2g and .GOV test collections, which have been made available to research groups around the world. I was involved in coordinating the TREC Web Track experiments that started in 1999, another round of TREC Web Track experiments starting in 2009 that introduced a diversity target to the evaluation, and most recently the TREC Deep Learning Track starting in 2019 that introduced large-scale training data for IR.

I also work on effective Web search, which includes the use of links and clicks to enhance the quality of search engine results, and more recently the use of representation learning and specifically neural information retrieval [FNTIR].

My PhD was at the Australian National University advised by David Hawking. Topic was distributed information retrieval, building a coherent IR system on top of multiple engines/databases/verticals.