Portrait of Nick Craswell

Nick Craswell

Principal Applied Science Manager


I am an Applied Researcher at Bing in Bellevue Washington, working on core relevance. I also lead a small team of Applied Researchers who are embedded in Microsoft Research Cambridge in the UK.

I’m a coordinator of the TREC-2009 Web Track, which evaluates search relevance on a 1 billion page web crawl [ ClueWeb09 ]. This year we are conducting a “TREC adhoc” evaluation and a diversity-aware evaluation.

Workshop: Web Search Click Data 2009 was held in conjunction with WSDM2009 in Barcelona, February 2009.

Research Overview

I am interested in Web search evaluation. I built the VLC, VLC2, WT2g and .GOV test collections, which have been made available to research groups around the world. David Hawking and I coordinated the TREC Web Track experiments.

I also work on effective Web search, which means making use of information in pages, link structure and URL structure to generate more useful Web search results.

My PhD was in distributed information retrieval which means building a system on top of multiple engines/databases that already exist.