Portrait of Noelle Sophy

Noelle Sophy

Senior Program Manager



Hands-Free Keyboard

Established: March 24, 2015

The Hands-Free keyboard is a project to enable people who are unable to speak or use a physical keyboard to communicate using only their eyes. Our initial prototypes are based around an on screen qwerty keyboard very similar to the 'taptip'…

Eye Controlled Wheelchair

Established: December 15, 2014

We envision using Eye Gaze technology to bring independent mobility to people living with disabilities who are unable to use a joystick. This project was initiated during the Summer 2014 Hackathon.  During the Hackathon, Steve Gleason came…


Projects Include:

  • High level participation
  • Speech-to-speech
  • Machine learning
  • Telepresence
  • Computer Vision
  • Program Synthesis
  • Low level participation
  • Grounding language in a code state (unscripted natural language)