Portrait of Pete Ansell

Pete Ansell

Senior RSDE



SlideShow Gestures-WPF

Established: September 13, 2016

The SlideShow Gestures-WPF sample shows how you are able to use the Kinect for Windows SDK to control Windows applications through the use of gestures. It uses research from the Microsoft Research Cambridge lab to trigger events when the user performs a gesture.   The included source code provides a simple slide-show application, which processes the gesture recognition events from the runtime DLL to navigate through a series of images drawn from the 'Pictures' folders…

Hands-Free Keyboard

Established: March 24, 2015

The Hands-Free keyboard is a project to enable people who are unable to speak or use a physical keyboard to communicate using only their eyes. Our initial prototypes are based around an on screen qwerty keyboard very similar to the 'taptip' keyboard built into Windows 8 which has been extended to response to eye gaze input from a sensor bar like the Tobii EyeX. Our goal is to improve communication speed by 25% compared to experienced…

Eye Controlled Wheelchair

Established: December 15, 2014

We envision using Eye Gaze technology to bring independent mobility to people living with disabilities who are unable to use a joystick. This project was initiated during the Summer 2014 Hackathon.  During the Hackathon, Steve Gleason came to campus and challenged us with his vision of 'until there is a cure for ALS, technology can be the cure'.  He asked us to think on how we could improve three aspects of his life: be independently…


Microsoft Touch Mouse

Responsible for gesture recognition component of the Microsoft Touch Mouse. Created many of the tools to visualise the behaviour of the mouse and the software stack.Microsoft Touch Mouse

Kinect for Windows Developer Toolkit v1.5.0

Supplied slide show sample for the Kinect for Windows Toolkit. The application is based on machine learning research by Sebastian Nowozin and provides robust recognition of a pair of gestures for moving through a set of images.

Kinect for Windows Toolkit

Microsoft Research AutoCollage Touch 2009

Implemented the multi-touch support for the product. Added the instrumentation throughout the code for use with Customer Experience Improvement Program.

AutoCollage Touch 2009 is only available with certain OEM machines, the earlier AutoCollage 2008 is available as a free trial, or for purchase from the Microsoft Store.AutoCollage Touch 2009