Portrait of Phil Bernstein

Phil Bernstein

Distinguished Scientist


I am a member of the Data Systems Group in Microsoft Research Redmond. I work on various aspects database systems, mostly related to data integration and transaction processing.

I’m currently working applications of disaggregated memory as a remote database cache. From 2012-2019, I worked on a distributed systems programming framework, called Orleans, which was released as open source in January, 2015 and is widely used inside and outside Microsoft. I gave a keynote about it at DISC 2014 (slides). I worked on projects to enrich Orleans to be an “actor-oriented database system”. I described the vision in a keynote at ICDE 2018 (slides). You can read about the following components: indexing (CIDR 2017), geo-distribution (OOPSLA 2017), and transactions (technical report)—all of which are available on GitHub.

My early research was primarily on transaction processing, and after a long hiatus,…