Portrait of Ronald Aigner

Ronald Aigner

Principal SDE


I am working on a variety of projects related to Trusted Platform Modules and recoverability. This includes applications of TPMs beyond PCs and use of TPMs in different scenarios, which range from embedded to cloud applications.

When I joined MSR in 2008 I started in a group called eXtreme Computing Group (XCG) that is now – under a different name – part of AI+R Redmond Lab. I have been working on a variety of systems projects from software for Intel’s Single-Chip Cloud Computer or Intel’s Knight’s Ferry. Before that, I was part of the Operating Systems research group of Prof. Hermann Haertig at Technische Universitaet Dresden. I received my PhD from TU Dresden in 2011.

I am interested in operating systems research in a broad scope. Everything from embedded real-time systems to system software for clouds.


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