Richard is Principal Design Manager for Microsoft Research in their facility in Cambridge, UK. His team works in partnership with social and computer science as part a number of multi-disciplinary groups focused on themes such as Healthcare, Gaming and the Future of Work.  He is part of the Human Experience & Design group which explores the boundaries of technology, creativity and society through a human-centered lens. Much of Richard’s current focus is on new issues and opportunities raised by artificial intelligence for design practice.

Richard is author of “The Future of Looking Back”, a book which focuses on new digital legacies and their potential impact on memory and reminiscing. He is honorary Professor of Design for the University of Dundee and a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He holds 44 patents in a broad range of technology areas. Richard joined Microsoft Research in early 2006, and before that spent ten years working as a design manager on many of Microsoft’s major products, including Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows.





In addition to project work I maintain a Twitter feed about technology trends. This primarily contains pointers and extracts from articles about new technologies and the ways in which people are using them. It’s also published as a Flipboard Magazine.

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