Portrait of Rich Draves

Rich Draves

Partner Architect


After many years in MSR, I recently joined the Big Data team in the Data Platforms Group (DPG) of the Cloud and Enterprise (C&E) division. I am working to understand and improve the performance of Cosmos, Microsoft’s internal big data analytics platform.

I worked on the FDS system, helping break the MinuteSort benchmark world record.

I organized a Festschrift for Rick Rashid.

I built a mesh networking implementation.

I built a prototype implementation of IPv6 for Windows NT.  This evolved into the IPv6 stack shipped in Windows XP and CE, and then directly influenced Vista’s rewritten networking stack.

I worked on Rialto, a small real-time operating system for consumer devices. Rialto was used in Microsoft’s ITV trial with NTT in Yokosuka Japan. The Tiger multimedia file-system ran on the servers used in the trial.

In grad school, I worked on the Mach operating system. The code I wrote then is shipping today deep inside Apple’s OS X operating system.