Portrait of Richard Black

Richard Black

Project Silica Research Director


Richard is a Senior Principal Research Manager at Microsoft Research Cambridge, where he is Research Director of Project Silica within the Cloud Systems Futures (opens in new tab) research group. His research interests include performance analysis of distributed systems, operating systems and networking.  Richard has also done some work on computer security mitigations, and he is currently particularly interested in data-centre scale storage.

Richard enjoys the mix of academic publishing and product impact which MSR provides. You can figure out the time-line of his particular mix from looking at the dates of his publications below.  In recent years Richard has worked on the Pelican (opens in new tab)and Silica (opens in new tab) projects.

Richard occasionally hosts interns, especially those excited by contributing to working prototypes; if you are interested please apply using the standard intern tool.

Richard did his Bachelor and Doctorate degrees at the University of Cambridge (opens in new tab).  He started his career as a Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory (opens in new tab) and then as faculty member at the University of Glasgow Department of Computing Science (opens in new tab). He returned to Cambridge to join the Microsoft Research laboratory in January 2000.